Successful Businesses ALREADY Give Back

How Wilson Greatbatch “Gave Back”
by Andy Kessler @ the Wall Street Journal

Steve Jobs gets taken to task for his lack of visible charitable giving—”no hospital wing or an academic building with his name on it,” wrote the New York Times’s Andrew Ross Sorkin recently. Never mind how much more productive and wealthy we all are because of Apple. Jeez. The old “I already gave at the office” has never rung truer. And don’t get me wrong—I’m all for charity. I give, but those who collect it and spend it need to appreciate both where the money comes from in the first place and that they can never match the power of free enterprise to improve lives. Never.

Sorry, but the egg comes first. The welfare state doesn’t exist without productive businesses and workers to pay for it. Yes, we need bridge builders, park rangers and even a few postal workers, but our economic policies need to encourage wealth-creating productive industries, not crush them with the burden of an unproductive state.

Leftists believe, deep down, that the rich are all idle nobles and trust fund lay-abouts instead of astonishingly productive citizens who have made all our lives better through their hard work and ingenuity. But as Kessler notes in the article linked above, this is a ridiculous mindset that is essentially stuck in the feudal past.

One thought on “Successful Businesses ALREADY Give Back

  1. Incidentally, the lack of dedicated buildings in Jobs' name iis not an indication of his lack of charitable spirit. People close to Jobs will tell you that he gives privately and namelessly many many times each year. Especially lately as he battles a very severe illness and tries to enrich those around him. Why does it only count as charity if we all know about it?


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