They Should Be Occupying K-Street

They Should Be Occupying K-Street
Jeff Carter @ the Business Insider

OWS protestors are highly critical of big corporations lobbying Congress and Washington DC regulatory agencies to tilt the playing field in big business favor. It sounds like they don’t appreciate the virtues of crony capitalism, otherwise known as “The Chicago Way”.

Well guess what?

Companies that are successful lobbying the Washington DC apparatus are simply playing off big government. To kill the effect of lobbying, skewer the beast and make government smaller.

Allowing companies to stay alive with government support also empowers big government. Allowing the capitalistic force of creative destruction is something the Tea Party is behind. What about Occupy Wall Street?


The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are directing their anger at the wrong target, something that I will discuss in further detail this weekend.

ETA: There’s also a good post over at Legal Insurrection regarding the OWS protesters.

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