One of the "99%"

I am one of the “99%”. Last year, I made a grand total of $27,000, which is not quite enough to live on when you reside in Northern VA and you have a $660/mo health insurance policy. However, I’m not out there protesting “corporate greed”. Why? Because my parents actually said “no” to me every once in a while, so I have no illusions that the world owes me anything. Moreover, I understand that it is out-of-control government which feeds the crony capitalist beast. Want to stop crony capitalism? Shrink the DC Leviathan!

It’s not a very good photo, but hey — it’s hard to take a picture of yourself in the middle of the night. Also, there wasn’t enough room on the page to mention it, but I do in fact have student loan payments that are not insignificant. Boo hoo! Woe is me! Somebody call the waaaaaambulance so that I can have my (freely accumulated) debt forgiven!

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