2 thoughts on “Regarding the Citizens United Decision…

  1. This is near and dear to my heart…a point has been made that I do think bears some consideration – just to play devil's advocate to the pro-conservative position on this one.

    What is to stop INTERNATIONAL interests from pouring money into American front companies that back political advocates that favor positions antithetical to American interests? China, for example, spends a huge amount of money using corporations in America to stump for far left causes.


  2. This article from PolitiFact discusses that issue, and from the sound of it, it's not at all certain that Citizens United has opened the door for international interests. But if that does become a problem, we can certainly close the loophole with legislation or another Supreme Court ruling. I'd rather we cross that bridge when we come to it instead of shutting down speech for certain groups (which includes corporations and unions) just because they happen to be large.


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