Mike Rowe Is Awesome

First of all, he’s awesome because he’s willing to make a fool of himself – repeatedly – in order to honor our blue collar work force. I’ve watched quite a few episodes of Dirty Jobs, and Rowe’s sincere respect for the people he interviews always comes through loud and clear. For Mike Rowe, “doing the jobs that make civilization possible for the rest of us” is not just a line. He means it.

Secondly, as it turns out, Rowe’s not all that impressed with Obama — or the public sector unions. Here he is on Obama:

He wants people to see “the rich” as the problem – not him, not spending, not debt, and not some other failed policy. He wants the Rich to be the scapegoat.

And here he is on the unions:

Personally, I find all of those vocations [teacher, bus driver, health care professional in a psychiatric hospital, sanitation worker, policeman, fireman] to be noble in the extreme. And I respect the people who do the work very much. But if you’re asking why public sentiment seemed to turn against them, I would suggest that it had to do with their respective Unions, and their absolute failure to persuade the masses. They took the same sort of aggressive posture that their private counterparts often do with management. In this sort of economy, that just isn’t persuasive to a lot of concerned voters. The entire country is struggling, and the issues facing public servants were old news for people in the private sector. They made a loud, strident, and unproductive case.

More of his commentary can be found here — and it’s all thoughtful and very classy. From all appearances, Rowe has allowed his extensive exposure to Middle America to influence his politics as well as his impression of the working man — and that’s a very good thing as far as I’m concerned.

(Hat tip to John Nolte @ Big Hollywood.)

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