2 thoughts on “The Slippery Slope is Real – Euthanasia Edition

  1. Wow. Just — wow.

    I was aware that voluntary euthanasia has morphed into involuntary euthanasia in many places, but I was not aware that people have started talking about bumping off the mentally ill. WTF? The mentally ill are not capable of making that decision! That's the definition of mentally ill, for frell's sake!

    After reading that article, I don't particularly feel like crying. I do feel like punching some people, though.


  2. It almost brought a tear to MY eye at least…and I was definitely shaking a bit reading some parts. How a society can grow so selfish and so cold to the value and beauty of even a life lived in suffering is beyond me. People had better wake up and stop pretending that slippery slopes don't exist…because this is Brave New World territory now.


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