Historic Interior New England Blizzard – Scary Results

The storm mercifully waited a tad too long to organize to paralyze the cities with the worst of the snow, though New York City did get 2-5 inches of snow depending on the borough and DC did have white-out conditions at the White House (ha) for an hour or so.


In the interior of New England, this storm will stack up well against the worst beasts seen in the dead of winter.

Windsor, MA: 26″
Plainfield, MA: 25″
Savoy, MA: 24″
Peru, MA: 23″
Tyringham, MA: 23″
Washington, MA: 22″
Becket, MA: 22″
Lee: MA: 21″
Dalton, MA: 20″
Hinsdale: MA: 20″
Leydon, MA: 20″
Peterborough, NH: 19″
West Milford, CT: 19″
Milbrook, NY: 18″
Shelburne, MA, 18″
Heath: MA: 17″
New Ipswitch, NH: 17″
Chester, MA: 16″
Charlemont, MA: 16″
Pine Plains, NY: 16″
Ridgefield, CT: 16″
Habburdston, MA, 15″
Westhampton, MA: 15″
Greenfield, MA: 14″
Ashburnham, MA: 13″
Wilmington, VT: 13″
Copake Falls, NY: 13″
Danbury, CT: 13″
North Caldwell, CT: 12″
Ringwood, CT: 11″
Terra Alta, NY: 10″
Monticello, NY: 8″
Worcester, MA: 7″
New York (Central Park), NY: 3″


This is quite a history-making storm given the time of year.

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