Let Your Kids Eat Their Halloween Candy

What To Do With the Halloween Candy? Eat It.
@ Slate

With the approach of Halloween comes annual onslaught of parenting anxiety provoking articles on the question of “What to do with the Halloween candy?” Approaches to the bucket of sugary goodness are varied. The Washington Post’s excellent parenting blogger, Janice D’Arcy, has an expert dishing up many of them today: trade the candy for a toy. Allow your kids to enjoy “a few favorites” and then tuck the rest away. On the Huffington Post, the advice is for dieting parents, but it’s similar: let them eat some, “donate” the rest. The Kansas City Star adds some fun ideas about reading the nutrition facts on the back of the bars together and using Halloween as an opportunity to talk about “healthy and not-so-healthy foods.” No one supports super-restriction. Let kids “indulge a bit” is the preferred advice. Because that’s a lot of candy. Clearly we have to do something.

I have a radical suggestion. How about we let them eat it?

Heh. Yes, people seriously need to relax. One candy binge a year is not going to damage your kids for life.

4 thoughts on “Let Your Kids Eat Their Halloween Candy

  1. Parents need to f***ing relax. Period. This overprotective nonsense is already leading to legions of children who can't stand adversity and think the world is an idealistic wonderland until they are disillusioned.

    My kids are going into the woods to find tadpoles, biking for miles around the home, getting hurt sometimes and hey…eating their f***ing Halloween candy. And their Christmas cookies too. Sheesh.


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