Speaking of People Who Need to Get a Grip When It Comes to Parenting…

Children to be banned from blowing up balloons, under EU safety rules
@ the UK Telegraph

The EU toy safety directive, agreed and implemented by Government, states that balloons must not be blown up by unsupervised children under the age of eight, in case they accidentally swallow them and choke.

Despite having been popular favourites for generations of children, party games including whistles and magnetic fishing games are to be banned because their small parts or chemicals used in making them are decreed to be too risky.

Apparently harmless toys that children have enjoyed for decades are now regarded by EU regulators as posing an unacceptable safety risk.

For heaven’s sake! No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to create a completely risk-free world. So why don’t you nanny-state bureaucrats quit raining on everyone’s parade?

2 thoughts on “Speaking of People Who Need to Get a Grip When It Comes to Parenting…

  1. Seriously? REALLY?!?!?

    Just for that, I'm buying my kids lawn darts and toy robots with tiny little blaster guns that can be easily dislodged and swallowed.

    Got any other extremely dangerous toys I should buy to prove a point?


  2. What about a wood-burning kit, a chemistry set, and a bb gun? I think the bb gun in particular would make the bureaucrats see red.

    Parents do need to exercise a little common sense, of course. Obviously, you shouldn't allow a two-year-old to play with a toy that has small parts. But that's the key: what I just said is obvious to most parents. People don't need state directives to inform them that certain toys are dangerous at certain ages.


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