Cain Accuser Comes Forward

Just thought I would pass this along.

Cain Accuser Makes Press Conference

The details make absolutely ZERO sense to me, to be honest.  Leading up to this press conference we’ve heard nothing but claims from Politico and other fact-finders (ha) that Cain’s accusers had settled with the NRA out of court for sexual harrassment charges…primarily for inappropriate conduct of a “non-sexual nature” and then this woman shows up attended by a lawyer who makes a point of claiming that the accuser is a lifelong Republican and that she has no plans to file a lawsuit or criminal charges?  And the story involves Cain supposedly GROPING HER CROTCH?!?!?!  And her response was “hey what are you doing?” not a scream of terror and then a horrible scratch or a punch in the face?!?!  REALLY?

I can[t think of a single woman I’ve ever known who wouldn’t respond to that by AT LEAST grabbing Cain’s arm and pulling it away from them or slapping him.  Holy cow…and why get a frackin’ lawyer to come up on stage with you while you give your accusation to the global press when you’ve said nothing on the record until now and intend on avoiding a legal battle?  Cain now has a right to face his accuser and it’s being taken away from him because all she has to do is accuse and then run away and hide and his career is over.  If I were him, I would be HOPPING mad if this accusation is false…and the first thing I’d do is get up on stage and yell it to the rooftops that I’m suing her for defamation of character and slander.

His reaction will tell us whether there’s the slightest hint of truth in this story…but it sure doesn’t sound right to me.

2 thoughts on “Cain Accuser Comes Forward

  1. True…but it would sure put forward a loud and angry self-defense for the voters. If he does nothing…if he tries to ignore it now…women will think he's guilty. Either he is guilty…in which case, I wish I could know it for certain…or he isn't and he needs to make sure as many people see the real him as possible.


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