What Choice Will We Have?

If Cain is rendered a non-viable candidate over these allegations of sexual impropriety (as well he should if said allegations are at all true), who should we vote for instead?

I will hold my nose and vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 if it comes to that, but I categorically refuse to vote for him in the primary. The primary is the time to root for a true conservative, not a slick, media savvy “moderate.” So who should we choose?

If you have any thoughts on this burning question, please comment below.


3 thoughts on “What Choice Will We Have?

  1. You know…I've just realized something.

    My country sucks.

    It has to if I don't give a flying crap about Iran and its nuclear program or North Korea's assistance from China in its nuclear ambitions or the problem of the Arab Spring and the oncoming rush of tyrannical islamofascism. I no longer want to see news and information about foreign affairs…all I care about is fixing what's wrong here in this country.

    What a sad time we live in…where our economy, our civil society, and our freedom at home is under constant attack under the name of cosmic justice and fairness…where parents raise kids to believe they can achieve anything and are simply OWED the American Dream rather than having to work for it…where the government is expected to fix a recession…and where 89% of the people now believe that the same government does not represent its people.

    It's enough to make me cry.


  2. Believe it or not, I've been feeling similar sentiments, only mine have been running along the lines of: “If we can't beat Obama and the left in 2012 because we've picked a crappy candidate – if we are now so beholden to the media that picking a genuine conservative is impossible – then this country deserves to die.”


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