Digital Polygraph Clears Cain

God save technology and its’ inventors, for they will soon save us from our politically motivated, attention-seeking lying selves.  This is not definitive, but I will say this much.  When I watched Bialek’s press conference, she looked like someone not being truthful to me.

Cain vs. Bialek in the digital age.

Well as it turns out…a new voice-recognition and testing software which is in use in many police departments around the country for a fee of $15,000 thinks Cain is speaking without conflict and Bialek is not stating truthful facts.

Who here is shocked? (I’ll wait for the crickets to stop)

Of course, Cain’s accusers will leap to the obvious – Cain is just a really accomplished liar!  And poor Bialek was just stressed doing a TV interview about an embarrassing subject!

Either way, I see this is reasonable doubt and enough cause to give Cain the benefit of that doubt.

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