Last Week, a Ginormous Storm Hit Western Alaska

It remained but a blip on our the national news radar because our coastal elites don’t care about Alaska. Still, I think SABR Matt would definitely agree that this “snowicane” was massive:

Alaskans weather epic Bering Sea storm
@ the Anchorage Daily News

A giant Bering Sea storm with hurricane-force winds roared up the western Alaska coastline Wednesday, sending waves over storm barriers, knocking out electricity, flooding parts of some villages and leading to evacuations.

An article I saw elsewhere noted that the barometric pressure at the center of the storm dipped as low as 943 mb. Holy crap, that is epic!

One thought on “Last Week, a Ginormous Storm Hit Western Alaska

  1. Yes…this storm has three analogs to previous November Alaskan vortex disasters…November 3-6, 1950, November 11-12, 1974 and November 1-3, 1979…all of which were associated with La Nina winters that favored very cold conditions in the lower 48 states the following winter.

    This is not the only time they've had a 943 mb low in that neck of the woods, but every time those happen…they do produce intense weather and big time human hardship.

    Storm surge was 10-12 feet and snow measured 24-48 inches depending on your elevation once you got away from the coast. But the total snowfall was hard to measure because sustained winds to hurricane force lasted over a day and gusts continued at that strength for another day, meaning massive mlowing and drifting of snow, ground blizzard conditions, etc.

    Very bad storm indeed.


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