Tragedy Strikes Seattle Mariners

I won’t hijack the blog for too long for baseball news (one of my greatest passions, for those who don’t know), but I thought it appropriate to leave my condolences and best wishes to the Halman family.

Halman Stabbed at Home – Brother Arrested

Halman was a rising star in the Seattle Mariner organization – he won minor league player of the year honors ini 2008 when he hit over 30 long balls and drove in 120 at class A+ (my father will know this level as the level at which the local Prince William Cannons played – now the Potomac Nationals).  He moved up quickly through the Mariner farm system, hitting 33 homers in 2010 for AA and AAA and earning a big league cup of coffee in 2011 where he flashed enthusiasm, great speed, good glove work and some occasional pop but was sent back down after striking out a bit too much.

The details matter less than the personality – the kid was born to play baseball and on a club struggling in a quagmyre of “professionalism” (code word for players not playing their guts out on the field), he was a breath of fresh air.  He started his Seattle career by going 8 for his first 9, including 3 infield hits, 3 stlen bases and 5 runs scored.  He very nearly ended up like a bug on a windshield the way he hit the outfield wall when running down flies.  The other young players loved his joyful dirt-dog baseball mentality and his aggressive play on the bases and in the field.  He will be missed.

Rest in peace, Greg – few get the chance to live out their dreams – and you realized this.  Hopefully, they have a nice stadium where you’re going.

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