Welcome to Hell: Climategate 2.0

As if the repulsive string of e-mails leaked form Hadley’s Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University in England wasn’t enough to convince us all that climate science is utterly bereft of honest scholarship and integrity and completely overrun by politics and advocacy…we are now treated to round two!  Oh yes…a second Freedom of Information Act request – this time in America and directed at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (which, given its’ mandate, is completely logically pursuing climate research in…the one piece of our solar system that from our perspective cannot be labeled SPACE…*sigh*), headed by James “China is better than the US!” Hansen.

I am going to save advanced commentary on this breaking news story for now…I will however pass along a couple of links:

From Climate Depot: A Full Round-Up of the New E-Mails

From Watts Up With That: Some headlines to read…

From the news media…*crickets*

Yeah…this time they get Mann and Hansen more directly in the obvious chicanery and sloppy science.

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