After Reflection, a Strategy

With regards to 2012, this is what I’m going to do:

  • For the Virginia Republican primary, I’m going to write in Mike Rowe (if they let me). Why? Because I’ve decided I’m not satisfied with anybody who’s actually running.
  • In the general election, I’m going to hold my nose and vote for the loser Republican who ultimately wins the nomination. My reasons for this choice should be obvious. Remember: Even a syphilitic camel would be preferable to Obama.
  • I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure the Congress is wholly in conservative Republican hands once the dust settles. Even if the GOP snatches defeat from the jaws of victory in the presidential election, Obama can’t do anything if the Capitol is under our control.

To summarize: Protest the primary, vote Republican in the general, and finish flipping the congress!


2 thoughts on “After Reflection, a Strategy

  1. I don't agree on the primary. The correct answer is to vote for the guy who has the best chance to beat Obama who will govern as a conservative. That guy…after much frustration and soul-searching…is Mitt friggin' Romney.

    I hate him…I hate his plastic hair and his born-again conservatism and his silly, cornball personality and his perfect politician voice. Hate it all. But he's the one who will beat Obama. And although I am deeply tempted to back Gingrich because he actually has enough knowledge to clobber Obama in debate, he's too much of a politico to stay on the conservative message…he'll think of himself as a grand historical hero…the last great politician who'll unite the houses of both parties. And he'll make compromises he shouldn't make. That's what ego does.

    Romney…well Romney knows the conservatives don't like him much…he'll tow the line…at least for a good long while. And he'll beat Obama. And that's what matters.


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