Democratic Fairfax Embraces Its Inner Tea Party

Hey! He’s talking about my backyard:

Democratic Fairfax Embraces Its Inner Tea Party
by A. Barton Hinkle @ Reason Magazine

Fairfax is one of the richest counties in America. With a median household income in six figures, it comes in second only to the nation’s richest county, next-door Loudoun. And yet, as reported recently in The Washington Post, the county’s wish list “includes other perennial desires: that Northern Virginia taxpayers see more of the money they send to Richmond, for example.”

“Overall, the county would be pleased if the Virginia General Assembly would stop using Northern Virginia as its piggybank,” continues The Post. Translation: Fairfax does not want to “spread the wealth around,” as Barack Obama put it to Joe the Plumber. But wait – Obama says spreading the wealth around is “good for everybody.” Does the county disagree?

‘Tis hypocrisy in action.

And by the way, isn’t it sad that the richest counties in the U.S. are the counties just outside Washington DC? That’s where all of our missing wealth is going, folks — to comfortable, spoiled bureaucrats.

4 thoughts on “Democratic Fairfax Embraces Its Inner Tea Party

  1. I live in Leesburg and its amazing at the amount of construction that's going on and the new stores that are showing up. I've been commuting to DC since 2008 and its rare that I don't see a brand new sports car or luxury vehicle on the way.
    Not that Loudoun's as liberal as fairfax, but except for homeowners the area's businesses don't seem to have felt the recession.


  2. kerosenebilly: Oh, yes. Northern Virginia has definitely been shielded from the recession. Even here in Prince William, we're not doing too badly. A few of our stores have closed down, and my church's social ministry is dealing with an increased demand, but according to the census bureau, we're still pulling in a median household income of $88,000.

    SABR Matt: That wasn't my county. That was Loudoun. I think we're free of egregious anti-Christian bigots down here in Dale City. 😛


  3. Sorry…by your counties, I meant the ones you mentioned – Loudoun and Fairfax. Both were mentioned in that article.

    And made my heart ache for Virginia's missing soul.

    Purple is the new word for moral cowardice…that's my 2012 slogan. There are no purple states…there are red states, blue states, and cowards. Pick a side…stand by your beliefs…fight for them.


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