BREAKING NEWS: Perry, Bachmann Considering Withdrawal.

You’ll rarely see the LA Times linked here…but:

Bachmann’s Campaign Somber – she’s not saying she will drop out YET…but the writing is on the wall and her campaign manager gave noncommital answers when pressed.  It’s likely she will withdraw after saying that the caucus system had worked and that the Iowa population had chosen, not the media or the pundits.


From Politico (another site you won’t see quoted here much) – Perry May Drop Out

If both of those two drop out…they will throw their support to one of the remaining five…Bachmann would most likely back Santorum.  What Perry will do…that is anyone’s guess.  But since all three were fighting for the support of the social conservative vote…it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Santorum’s poll numbers could go through the roof.

Stay tuned.


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