About an hour ago, Perry tweeted his intentions to head out to South Carolina. So perhaps he’s still in. Time will tell, I suppose. Meanwhile, Bachmann has officially dropped out of the race as of today’s presser. That was to be expected.

By the way, the Iowa caucuses attracted a record turnout — and Romney bested Santorum by a measly eight votes. It appears the Republican base is still looking for their Not!Romney — and at the moment, Santorum is it.


One thought on “MORE ELECTION NEWS: Perry Still In?

  1. Looks like Perry wants to try one Southern state before he gives up. If he places 4th or worse in SC,m he will bow out, my guess would be.

    Meanwhile, the social cons are galvanizing around Santorum, virtually guaranteeing that Perry WILL place 4th or less in SC.

    The basic story is unchanged…Iowa has indeed cut down our choices to five…and it'll be four when Huntsman only gets like 11% of the vote in NH.


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