From Rasmussen – Santorum’s Surge Begins

The predictable rise of Santorum (who always had high personal favorability ratings among likely GOP voters but low recognition ratings) following his news-making Iowa caucus result has begun.

According to today’s report from Rasmussen, Santorum has risen to a 21% share for GOP ballot support (and this was from respondants in a phone survey from January 4, so it is the first reaction to the caucus…before most voters will have had a chance to review his policy positions).

Romney: 29%
Santorum: 21%
Gingrich: 16%
Paul: 9%
Perry: 6%
Other: 5%
Undecided: 14%

Catholic Conservatives should be pleased to see Santorum get a fair shake.  His campaign will now either stand or fall on the strength of his ability to repel media criticism of his conservative social values and some of his harsher-sounding public comments regarding gay marriage and abortion while focusing on his pro-growth manufacturing-driven economic plan.

Link to Rasmussen info: LINK


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