ELECTION NEWS, PART WHATEVER: Gingrich Wins South Carolina

And by a pretty large margin, it looks like. So whatever you do, resist the narrative. This race is definitely not locked up for any one candidate.

By the way, an interesting factoid: A solid majority of voters in South Carolina told exit pollsters today that the debates were an “important” factor guiding their choices. That probably explains why Gingrich won so handily, as he tends to crush the competition (and the silly moderators) rather thoroughly in said debates. Does that mean he’ll make a good president? Ehhh — it depends on whether he can “grow up” (to use Roger L. Simon’s phrase) and restrain his more Napoleonic impulses.

(Also, a quick scheduling note: I’m going to the Annual Mass for Life tomorrow, and I hope to get a few pictures while I’m there. Watch for my report late tomorrow night!)

One thought on “ELECTION NEWS, PART WHATEVER: Gingrich Wins South Carolina

  1. At a minimum, Gingrich (who I don't think can or will actually win the nomination for various reasons) has forced Romney to stop being a pussy. And that is a good thing. Mitt is now releasing his taxes from last year, giving very passionate-sounding answers in debates and defending his capitalist record vs. crony capitalism inherent in the left. I think when all is said and done…Gingrich will have proven to be valuable to the campaign because he'll force Romney to fight a lot of the leftist narrative before he wins the nomination.


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