Damned Dirty GOP Elitists

I just need to get this off my chest.

CONSERVATIVE INTELLECTUALS – please stop alienating the vast majority of constituents by bloviating endlessly about how the rubes (you don’t call them that, but it’s strongly implied) watching the debates during this primary season just want political theater or worse – a reality show called “American President.” Stop assuming you know what motivates common conservatives throughout the country.

The National Review Online is a solid publication generally, but WE GET IT ALREADY…you don’t like Newt Gingrich. STOP CAMPAIGNING…you hate the liberal media for doing this…your pieces are no better in the realm of journalism than all of the puff pieces written about Obama’s golden-boy status in 2008. You even went so far as to ask your readers to rule out candidates while stumping for others you preferred. And…as much as I don’t like Ron Paul, your decision to cut him out of every poll you take on debate performance just because you don’t like that Paul supporters own the web because they’re young is…really two-faced and just plain wrong. You are supposed to be journalists with an identified slant…not muckrakers for Romney.

In the last month, I’ve seen articles calling Newt everything from an irrational reactionary to a leftwing big-government crony to a generally despicable human being (yes really)…on YOUR WEBSITE, NRO. THOSE ARE THINGS OBAMA WILL SAY!! To be clear, there are elements of Gingrich’s past that I find problematic, but he’s clearly not a left wing big government fan, clearly not purely evil, clearly not irrational (sometimes he gets too lost in his own head, but he’s not irrational). And to return to the earlier charge…that the only reason Newt won South Carolina was because people like being entertained during debates as though they took politics as lightly as they take American Idol…WAKE UP AND SMELL THE RAGE. This country is not backing Newt today because we find him amusing…we’re backing Newt because Romney is a glass-jawed wuss while Gingrich will stand up to the media and blow up their rationalizations and their lies and their biased questions and will do the same to Obama. We’re PISSED…and Newt taps into that energy.

That is all.

One thought on “Damned Dirty GOP Elitists

  1. There are some other factors in play too – like the fact that hardcore evangelicals are suspicious of Romney's Mormonism – but yeah: I think the main reason why so many people are warming to Newt is the fact that he reflects our white-hot loathing for the mainstream media. And by the way, that loathing is 100% justified. Mainstream journalists are some of the most despicable people on the planet. Listening to them and reading their articles occasionally makes me forget Jesus' command to love our enemies.


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