Liberals Need a Reminder

Hey…here’s a little food for thought…

Remember how frequently your liberal friends used to make fun of Fox News for calling itself “Fair and Balanced”?  They used to say things like, “When someone tries this hard to convince you he’s being fair, be alarmed!”  Where is that same skepticism of the spin-word “fair” when Obama uses it 29 times in his State of the Union Address and 51 times in his address in Osowatomie, KS?  Now, those speeches are seen as brilliant, fair-minded (uh oh!) and likely to give Obama a popularity surge.

Remember when your liberal friends used to complain about voter fraud – when they thought it cost them an election in 2000?  They used to say how important it was that the election system be modernized and that voter rolls be thoroughly checked.  They even thought it might be a good idea to check that you were who you said you were when you went to vote!  Where is the same fear about voter fraud when a number of states begin attempting to implement Voter ID methods?  Now those states are being sued for racial injustice by Obama’s Justice Department.

Remember when liberals complained about the separation of church and state?  They used to promise that they’d stay out of our churches if we stayed out of their public places and schools.  They even used to look at Catholic hospitals as signs of how progressive the Church was.  Surely, you can’t be a Catholic without being a Democrat since you believe in charity and social justice, right?  Now the Obama administration is trying to force Catholic hospitals and ministries to buy health insurance for their employees that covers contraception (next it will be abortion) – establishing a religion of birth control opposed to Catholic beliefs.  I thought they said they’d leave us alone if we didn’t put up that manger on the town square.

Remember when your liberal friends cried foul over Dubya’s needless war-mongering… screaming “no blood for oil!” and demanding that we not invade Iraq without UN approval?  They claimed they’d have been OK with Iraq if Bush had built a broad coalition (like the 158 countries that were in his coalition when we went to Iraq…oh wait…) but he declared war without actually declaring it and that’s EVIL.  Now they say Obama could win the election on the strength of his foreign policy successes…using tactics not unlike Bush’s…up to and including going to war without a declaration of war from Congress, approving assassinations on enemy territory, leaving open Guantanamo Bay, and sanctioning the Patriot Act.  Why aren’t Democrats angry at Obama for these abuses of executive power?

Remember when your liberal friends grumbled about how 911 was our fault?  They used to say that if we’d just mind our own business, they’d leave us alone.  Now Ron Paul is ridiculed for saying such things and 911 Truthers are the stuff of Hollywood satire.  What changed? (not that I’m saying I believe such rubbish…I’m making a broader point here).

Democrats and Progressives are going to try to marginalize conservative positions at all times by ridiculing them, by making logically dubious but rhetorically persuasive claims to convince us conservative positions are shaky or out of step with the average American…but those arguments are always forgotten if the tables turn.  Just keep that in mind when you get into a debate with a more strident liberal…they will use any tricks they can to win the argument and they will not be constrained by a set of core beliefs any deeper than what underlies a five year old’s demand for candy in a supermarket.  “Gimme gimme gimme” about sums it up.


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