Perhaps a Reason for Santorum’s Struggles?

Just thought I’d pass this along real quick…while I’ve been pushing hard for Santorum lately – primarily because he has the personal values I want in my public officials – THIS Article makes the case that it’s too late for America to come back to those values and that Santorum can’t win with this message because his target demographic (swing voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania and Virginia) is no longer religious, and no longer dominated by factory workers and skilled laborers.  It even argues that Obama has a better understanding of the working class mindset than Santorum does.

If correct, I have essentially ZERO hope for the country going forward.  If we’ve really lost our way that badly…that this core of high school educated white working class Americans has forgotten their family values, their faith and their work ethic and is now simply bitter about immigration and free trade…then the GOP stands no chance at all of turning back the out of control tide of progressive ideological reform.

I hope he’s wrong.


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