GREAT article on Obama’s War on Religion

Here is a piece from the NRO that all of you should read:

Obama’s Two-Front War on Religion

This is the part that I find particularly apropos:

Many are asking: What comes next? The National Right to Life Committee makes a compelling case that the latest administration compromise on the HHS mandate paves the way for mandated coverage of “abortion on demand,” pointing out that such a move would be consistent with the administration’s prior logic. 

And a distinguished list of constitutional scholars has already concluded that the administration’s “so-called ‘accommodation’ changes nothing of moral substance and fails to remove the assault on religious liberty and the rights of conscience which gave rise to the controversy.” Many religious believers have similar concerns and now foresee a future in which the rights of religious conscience are no longer welcomed in the public square and instead are being relegated to the tiniest of ghettos. 

Worse still, with the combined effect of the administration’s arguments in the HHS regulations and Hosanna-Tabor, people of faith see the real possibility of having religious protection relegated by one policy to the very ghetto scheduled for demolition by another.

The bottom line here is that the Obama administration is preaching its own kind of religion.  Americans need to be aware of the tenets of that faith – the faith in the church of Statism that gives him the moral authority to dictate to religious institutions what they should be allowed to do to hew to their own (clearly inferior) faiths. I don’t think Obama’s people are doing all of this in some cold, calculating manner to divide religious Americans and set them against each other just to win elections.  I think they’re doing this because they honestly BELIEVE that religious institutions, given free reign, are dangerous to the people.  They have FAITH that their mission to bring abortion on demand will make people happier and healthier.

Do we want an established religion in this country?  Because that’s what this is…the church of progressivism – and don’t ever let them tell you it’s not a faith.  They have ZERO data to back their beliefs…they have only a faith in their good intentions.  I thought we fought a war for our independence to avoid such things, but…maybe we’ve forgotten.  Maybe we’ve “progressed” so far that we no longer share the desire for absolute freedom of expression and thought that our founders codified in the representation of the American people of 1787.  If so…whoa be unto us all.

One thought on “GREAT article on Obama’s War on Religion

  1. Or…if you want Santorum's logical argument that this HHS mandate and its' “compromise” for the Catholic faith….see THIS:

    Which argues that the instant the government can decide what we are forced to pay for (health insurance, e.g.) it MUST decide what that product will have in it…which makes moral decisions a part of the government sphere and will force us to pay taxes and premiums for things we do not approve of, no matter what the government actually mandates. Some people don't approve of vaccines, for example…Christian Scientists think those things are wrong. I think Christian Science is wrong and want my insurance to cover vaccines to keep us healthy. The government will have to pick a side if it's mandating coverage! Do you see the problem?


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