A Study in Contrasts

First, read the following two blog posts (both from HotAir) —

NYT Columnist Slams Mormon Garments, Tells People to Stay Out of Others’ Britches

Judge Tosses Charge Against Muslim Who Allegedly Attacked Atheist for Mocking Mohammed

— then consider what these two stories reveal about our supposed elites. While Blow himself did apologize for his “magic underwear” tweet after the right-wing blogosphere’s outraged response, the frappe-swilling coastal crowd only barely registered that said tweet was a clear-cut expression of bigotry. Meanwhile, as the second story reveals, our “betters” are always ready to leap to the defense of Muslims — even if those Muslims are guilty of assault. Talk about double standards!

(By the way, I think the atheist – and his buddy, who was dressed up as the “Zombie Pope” – was being an obnoxious ass. In this country, however, you have a Constitutional right to be an obnoxious ass without fearing for your physical safety. Whether you should be an obnoxious ass is an important moral question, of course, but it’s one that falls outside the purview of the law.)

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