My Plan for Super Tuesday

A call to all Virginia voters:

If you’re feeling uneasy about Mitt, you need to vote for Ron Paul next Tuesday. That’s exactly what I plan to do — not because I support Paul (I most certainly don’t) but because Operation Chaos needs to continue.

Has the majority spoken? No. As of tonight, only twelve states have voted, and they are states with relatively small delegations. The media will continue to press the “inevitability” narrative with regards to Mitt – especially after his wins in Arizona and Michigan – but we need to resist that narrative. There’s no damn way we should let our enemies select our candidate for us when only a quarter of the states have had their say.

And by the way — if you’re an ABR (i.e., “Anybody but Romney”), you need to convince your other ABR friends to throw their support behind one candidate. You’re losing right now because you’re splitting your vote.

And if you’re a Mitt supporter? (Hi, Mom!) Ignore everything I just said and try not to take it personally. If your guy does in fact win after all the votes have been counted, I will still campaign for him. I may be a Santorum supporter right now, but in the general election, I’m an ABO.

One thought on “My Plan for Super Tuesday

  1. Super Tuesday States (and Washington on Saturday) include:

    Alaska (likely to go for Santorum)
    Georgia (likely to go for Newt Gingrich with Santorum second and Romney third)
    Idaho (likely to go for Santorum)
    Massachusetts (certian to go to Romney)
    North Dakota (Santorum stronghold)
    Ohio (KEY toss-up)
    Oklahoma (Santorum DOMINATING right now)
    Tennessee (probably Santorum's to lose)
    Vermont (Romney and Paul splitting some votes)
    Virginia (Romney)

    So…yeah…I don't think it will resolve anything at all.


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