Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43

Well, this is a shock.

I peruse the “Bigs” occasionally – especially Big Hollywood (for the movie and television reviews, mainly) – so I’m quite familiar with Breitbart. Admittedly, his style wasn’t exactly my cup of tea – he was a little too strident and confrontational for my taste – but I certainly appreciate his providing Hollywood conservatives in particular with a platform to air their views.

In other words: You will be missed, sir, but I’m sure your bloggers will ensure your work lives on for many years to come.

(Of course, upon hearing the announcement, I immediately braced myself. It won’t be long before those leftist bullies start snickering. They’re famous for crying “Have you no decency?” and then promptly demonstrating what utter assholes they are.)

One thought on “Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43

  1. For what it's worth…Breitbart's friends aren't surprised at all. He loved his cause too much, they say…burned the candle at both end of the wick…already had a heart attack a few months ago and didn't slow down one iota. It's a shame…we need more like him to be rabid watch dogs that keep the media in check.


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