Prepare for the SPIN!

The bad news: long time Senate moderate Olympia Snowe is leaving, vacating a seat that now could go further left to the Democrats in Maine at exactly the wrong moment.  Her rebuke of the Senate and its partisan process reads rather clearly as an attack on Harry Reid and majority Democrats who have twisted procedure many times to get policy passed without objection from the minority party (or even slight delay to think about the issue or any mitigating compromise riders attached to bills!) and done everything they can to bury good ideas from the House in committee so that Democrats don’t even have to VOTE on them.

But get ready because here comes the SPIN: soon – very soon – Obama will give a speech in which he mourns the loss of a moderate, reasonable Republican at the hands of radical Tea-Party government hostage-taking and partisan bickering.  The very same bickering that he blames for the failure of policies he implemented when he got his way for two years without delay.  Yes, the “do-nothing Congress” will be blamed, and the media will talk about how the Tea-Party is ridding the GOP of moderates like Snowe and making the discussion unreasonable.

You ready for that? 🙂


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