5 thoughts on “I Have a Say — and I Say NO to the HHS Contraception Mandate

  1. Thing is…your argument here isn't likely to convince anyone who could theoretically be convinced…you lead with (and spend a lot of time on) your lack of desire to have sex. Most Americans don't share that lack of desire for sex. Many of them DO, however, share a commitment to abstaining until marriage…I'd have led with the logical stuff…the economic matters, the availability of contraception that already exists, and the harm that contraception has done to even the ones who msot want to keep using it.

    Not that there's anything wrong with your perspective, per say…I just think most will view it as someone who simply doesn't like the concept of sex.


  2. 1. Actually, I didn't spend an inordinate amount of time on my lack of desire to have sex — other than the “professional virgin” joke, perhaps. What I did spend a lot of time on is my lack of desire to use birth control. If people hear “I don't want to use birth control for reasons X, Y, and Z” as “I don't want to have sex,” then they have a listening comprehension problem — and ultimately, I'm not responsible for that.

    2. Even if I had spent a lot of time on my lack of desire to have sex at the present moment (and I add “at the present moment” because I don't completely discount the possibility that I may want to have sex at some point in the future), that still would not have scuttled the basic argument, namely: People shouldn't be forced to pay for a particular ELECTIVE service if they don't plan to avail themselves of that service. Nuns, asexuals, and lesbians – unless they have a medical condition that requires hormonal management – will never need the pill. So why should it be placed on their tab?

    3. The video was not meant to be an extended explication on why I think the HHS mandate is wrong. It was meant to be a short message that emphasized, in particular, how unfair it is to make financially strapped virgins pay for other people's sex lives. But if you'd like to see me write a treatise, I can certainly do so.


  3. I think I speak for most conservatives in the room when I say…yes…I would like to see that treatise. 😉

    I am glad to see the visual media here…more of that would boost our traffic considerably…especially if you have a YouTube channel and post things with titles that might easily be found on YouTube searches for common topics of the day.


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