Santorum’s Campaign on Life Support

Super Tuesday has gone very, VERY poorly for Santorum.  He’s won Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Dakota (and no one should be surprised by those wins), but his margins of victory were small enough to cost him a number of electors. In Oklahoma, his victory margin essentially gave him a one-elector edge over his rivals with 85% of the votes counted.  In North Dakota, he’s handing as many delegates to Paul and Romney combined as he’s winning.

And in Ohio – the state he had to win – Romney has a small edge with 89% of the precincts in. And even if he finishes just ahead, Santorum is likely to lose the delegate count given that Romney is already ahead 19-9 according to the New York Times Live Tracker.
Idaho, Virginia and Massachusetts went overwhelmingly to Romney in delegates, and Santorum had no showing in any of those states.  So in short, today’s results may mean curtains for Santorum. If he doesn’t pull off a miraculous win in big states like California and Texas, I just don’t see how he can get the delegates he needs to win the whole enchilada.

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