Romney Wins Big in Illinois

Just passing along word that Mittens doesn’t need kid gloves to handle Santorum in Illinois, where he’s crushing the faltering underdog with a whopping 17 point edge as of 10:30 PM (76% counted).  It looks like Santorum will be lucky to get a dozen or so of the 69 delegates in the state and Romney will have taken away his last shot at a significant foothold in swing-state territory outside his home state of Pennsylvania.

A winner needs 1154 delegates and Romney will be more than halfway there after tonight with the largest states yet to vote.  Given some of the very unwise things that Santorum has said over the last few weeks, including:

 – Saying he nearly vomited (literally) when he read Kennedy’s 1960 campaign speech where he said that his Catholic faith was a private matter and shouldn’t be a political decision-maker. (Moderates react to this by assuming that Santorum thinks a President should govern religiously, rather than simply viewing Kennedy’s words as a giant cop-out excuse for why he didn’t behave like a man of faith in his day to day life.)

 – Saying Obama was a snob for thinking all kids should go to college. (Most people have been hammered by decades of lessons in the importance of higher education since the statistics are plain and reveal that college educated people are less unemployed, earn more and are happier — even if he’s RIGHT that not everyone needs college to succeed and some simply get in debt and then fail because they should have been spending that time learning trades.)

 – Saying that women shouldn’t be on the front lines in combat because they might make the men more emotional. (This just won’t play well today, even if there is solid evidence to believe men are instinctively protective of women in a crisis.)

I just don’t see how Rick has much of a shot… and that is perhaps for the best.  He’s not showing us that he can run a wise campaign.  He’s hardly a savvy politician.  In fact, although I personally admire his honesty, he is frequently a little too honest and therefore easy for the media to sidetrack and distract.  Not that I’m thrilled about Romney…but…I just don’t think Rick can really win if he keeps playing this way.

3 thoughts on “Romney Wins Big in Illinois

  1. Interesting factoid: If you look at the electoral map of Illinois at the Post's primary tracker, you'll see that Romney carried the city vote and Santorum carried the country vote. Lends credence to the thesis that the cultural divide in this country is an urban/rural divide, doesn't it?


  2. Actually, I've been looking at the county maps for every state in the entire primary season as they've been happening, so Illinois is hardly a surprise to me. By now it's RIDICULOUSLY easy to know which counties will go for Romney and which ones for Santorum (and even which ones for Paul and Gingrich – though those are very limited).

    For the most part, Romney gets all the urban counties, all of the counties with large military bases on them (because the military mostly votes early and has strongly supported Romney) and all rural/mountain/coastal counties that voted Democrat by at least 60-40 majority in 2012 (mostly in the west)…as well as all Mormon dominated counties.

    For the most part, Santorum gets all other rural counties with the exception of:

    Alaska/New England/Upstate NY libertarians (Paul) and the Peach Belt (a stretch of Gulf Coast counties from Baton Rouge to Montgomery to Atlanta to Charlotte which largely exports cotton and peaches and has been backing Gingrich).

    Romney has won every single major city (population of at least 500,000), and every single coastal state that has voted.

    Actually..the primary map is very similar to the electoral maps from the last three presidential elections.


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