Wow. Just Wow. Obama’s Abortion Motive Revealed.

Do yourselves a favor and read this article.  The mainstream media won’t cover it because it’s not useful to their bid to elect Obama for another term, but here it is:

The Little Known Abortion Mandate

In short, the second, lesser-known mandate from Kathleen Sebelius requires that all insurance companies which provide elective abortion coverage set aside an abortion allocation fund and then charge their recipients at least one dollar per month specifically for that fund, which will be paid to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to cover abortion costs.  And on top of that, the mandate literally precludes insurers from telling would-be purchasers that their plan will include the abortion fee.

Obama sees that the states are crippling his efforts to keep publicly funded abortion clinics open in GOP controlled territory and has decided to trick millions of Americans who might have a religious objection to abortion into paying private dollars to fund Planned Parenthood as required by Queen Sebelius and any in her royal lineage that follow as HHS bureaucrat-dictator.

I have only one thing to say about this.


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