Hey Ms. Rosen – Neither Has the POTUS

Hilary Rosen has famously (now) stated that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life – as though being a mother of five and a homemaker disqualifies her from being able to intelligently speak about women’s issues in the modern world.  Cause…you know…they represent the needs of ALL WOMEN over there in Feminist Command & Control…all except homemakers.

But that’s a small hypocrisy compared to the BIG hypocrisy of the left on this issue.  They elected a man to the presidency who, himself, had never worked a day in his life prior to winning the most important job in the world.  No, community organizing is not work.  No, reviewing, but never publishing in, the Harvard Law Review is not work.  No, inventing academic BS about critical race theory and studying the Constitution to find out just why you hate it so much is not work either.  Obama has never had to balance a checkbook, never had to make tough decisions, never had to live in the real America – he’s a cloistered academic and a well-connected political radical.  But when he does it, it’s OK.  It’s just not OK to be a mother of five and a homemaker.

This is the spin on the story at the National Review Online: Hilary Rosen: Well Connected Obama Insider

But never mind that…we have a fabricated message to sell that only working women have a right to speak about healthcare and contraception. Nothing to see here…show’s over.

One thought on “Hey Ms. Rosen – Neither Has the POTUS

  1. Just FYI: Next week, when I am less occupied with family-related stuff, I'm going to write up a post on the whole Romney/Rosen dust-up. Because seriously? The whole thing makes me mad enough to spit fire.


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