General Election Polls

Here something that shouldn’t shock anyone unless they’re a cloistered academic:

Romney is now beating Obama in the general election polls done by Rasmussen, FOX News and Quinnepac in the last few days after a solid week of Obama trending 6 points up.  The difference?  Santorum’s annoyed supporters who were voting no-call or even for Obama to make a point when asked about Romney are now muttering “oh well…Romney, I guess.”  Analysts should have seen this coming, but all the talk was about how the GOP candidates were shooting each other in a circular firing squad and how Obama was gaining on the GOP in the polls as a result.

Based on what has happened since Romney became the presumptive nominee, I don’t think that’s accurate.  I think conservatives will vote conservatively, liberals will vote liberally, and the remaining 40% of the country will vote for the candidate that least frequently makes an ass of himself in the last few months…and none of the polls really matter until then.

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