Picture Worth a Thousand Words – Black Racism and the Victim Mentality

I just thought I’d let you all watch this video I accidentally found while looking for the scene from “The Simpsons” in which Homer tried to pass candy bars off as sprinkles on his Kwik-E-Mart donut.

Never found that scene…but this was infinitely more entertaining…at least…in a “holy crap!” sort of way.


Coming from Nigeria doesn’t make you African American apparently.  And paying 15 more cents for your drink is a crime so vile that it demands the conversation involve slavery and reparations too.  Truly…truly special.

My favorite part is when the angry customer involved demands that the (fellow African American) owners of the Kwik-E-Mart in Southern California “get out of the African American Community” so that blacks can have those jobs.  Because other people who make money have evidently stolen such opportunities away from blacks.


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