Related to Previous – Elizabeth Warren’s "Race"

If we’re going to talk about the topic of institutional racism as fostered by left-wing identity politics and academics, we need look no further than Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.  Now running to replace Senator pro-tem Scott Brown on a platform of “MONEY IS EEEEEEVIL…except my money,” Ms. Warren spent decades claiming Native American status without registering with a tribe (according to her, based off of nothing more than family stories about life on a Cherokee reservation a hundred years ago) and at no point did her colleges even bother to try to confirm said heredity because they were in a mad desperate scramble to prove their racial sensitivity in hiring practices to meet quotas.

It turns out that Warren’s stories were true…sort of…her great…great…GREAT grandmother was Cherokee and her great great grandfather got married on a reservation.  That makes her 1/32nd Cherokee.  Which is evidently enough that Warren feels proud to claim Native heritage even though the Cherokee nation RENOUNCED her.  And no one seems to want to question this state of affairs in Massachusetts or in academia.  Not even moderate liberals.

Oh…and if you think I’m looking too hard for institutional racism as a way to shoot down affirmative action (you’re partially correct, but…), Warren’s reaction was to decry Brown’s question about her native heritage as “just another woman having her credentials questions by Scott Brown.”  Did you see it?  While falsely claiming victim status…she again claimed victim status.  If I’m not Native American enough for you…you can’t deny that I’m FEMALE…and we aren’t allowed to be judged anymore, especially not by men!

The identity politics will eventually cause the left to implode.  I’m certain of it.  You can’t go on splicing your core constituents into groups and putting people in boxes forever before the infighting and name-calling tears you apart.  I just hope they implode before the country does.  I’m dubious as to whether that happens.

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