A Message to Socially Conservative African Americans:

Admittedly, I experienced a bit of schadenfreude upon reading the news that some African American church-goers feel betrayed by Obama’s cynical embrace of gay marriage. Really, they should not have been surprised by the move. Despite the darker hue of his skin, Obama doesn’t represent the attitudes and interests of the average African American. No — Obama serves only the wealthy – and white – activist left. Obama’s favorite constituents are urban limousine liberals who find the morals and ambitions of the working and middle classes aesthetically unpleasing, tenured leftists in the academy, and unionistas who refuse to accept that the benefit party’s over — not the members of the African American community.

So: If you are African American and are disappointed by Obama’s “turnaround” on homosexuality, I suggest you take a good look around. Have you really been better off since Obama took office? Can the young black men in your life find jobs? Do you have good choices when it comes to your children’s education? Or is your situation pretty much the same? If your answers to the previous four questions are no, no, no, and yes, you should join us! Not only do we have cookies, but we also have a plan that will grow the economy and consequently improve job prospects for everyone. Furthermore, we are dedicated supporters of school choice policies that will allow African Americans in our central cities to pull their kids out of failing public schools and put them into schools that succeed. And lastly, many on our side are genuinely interested in arresting the breakdown of the American family and restoring social capital in neighborhoods wracked by chaos and crime. The upshot? Instead of offering you more of the Johnsonian welfare state that has failed you time and time again, we will offer you a chance to grab the brass ring that is the American Dream.

Please, friends: Come to the dark side. I promise you that – like Thomas Sowell, Starr Parker, Allen West, and many others – you will be warmly welcomed.

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