Obamacare Ruling Imminent

The Supremes took their initial votes on March 30th, so say the press corps that have been trailing the Obamacare case.  In the last couple of months since that date, the press has pushed the case to the back-burner while Obama officials have been quoted as saying that the President is alerting his allies that he will likely need to revisit healthcare in a second term.

NRO has some open speculation as to the meaning of these quiet murmurs of concern from Obama’s people, and I’m gonna take a wild guess that the individual mandate has been struck down (YAY!) but the rest of the law has not (meaning Romney will have to do it himself WHEN he wins the White House, as he seems increasingly likely to do with recent polling trends in swing states looking very encouraging).

The behemoth that is Obamacare will have to be rewritten considerably if that mandate is struck down…and that will introduce market uncertainty for a time…BUT…the mandate was the scariest part of the bill for small businesses, who were going to be required to either buy into the Government system or purchase equivalent plans for all of their employees.  This could do Obama a favor by causing a mild jobs spike on the eve of the election as employers breathe a bit easier about new hires.

We’ll know in a few days.  Here’s hoping the conventional wisdom holds up.

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