The Good News Just Keeps Coming

While the conservative blogosphere is appropriately giddy over Scott Walker’s win, let’s not forget that there were other local elections yesterday — and other big victories for fiscal sanity. For instance:

  •  In San Diego, a ballot measure calling for pension reform for new city hires passed 66-33.
  • In San Jose, a similar ballot measure passed 70-30.

And just in case you were curious, San Diego and San Jose are hardly reliable Republican strongholds. Both cities went to Obama in 2008.

Yes, yes, I know — as Glenn Reynolds has repeatedly reminded us, “Don’t get cocky, kid.” But I don’t think we’re wrong to interpret these election outcomes as a sign that we’re winning the argument in re: the power of public sector unions. Evidently, even moderate liberals are smart enough to notice that the growth of a city’s pension liabilities and the quality of its municipal services are inversely related. As more and more money is devoted to feeding the retirement behemoth, current city employees are laid off by the thousands, libraries close, and potholes go unrepaired — and people are understandably fed up with this nonsense.

Look — my late granddaddy was a union man (in the private sector), so I’m not 100% opposed to the concept. If the unions were truly representing their rank-and-file members in legitimate disputes with their employers, I’d stamp them with my seal of approval. Unfortunately, that’s not what today’s unions are doing — a reality revealed by all the employees who immediately stop paying their dues the moment a Right to Work measure is passed. Even the workers themselves are sick of their unions’ corruption and hard-left refusal to be reasonable. Which means we should follow Scott Walker’s example and continue to calmly but doggedly press the issue. 

One thought on “The Good News Just Keeps Coming

  1. There are other signs of the conservative movement beginning to win some narrative battles along these lines.

    Rasmussen has polled American citizens for the last five years every few weeks on the question of whether they thought government was “too big” or “too small” and whether they thought we were headed in the “right direction” or the “wrong direction”. In 2007, the people appeared to believe that the Federal Govt. was about the right size, voting 50/50 on either side of the size question and 65% of Americans thought that we were headed in the right direction. Even after the fiscal collapse of 2008/2009, 55% of Americans thought we were headed in the right direction long term. Fast-forward to today. With the Obama admin insisting that GOP resistance to his initiatives is to blame for the tardiness of our recovery, 32% of Americans think government is too small and 68% think it's too big. Meanwhile 67% of Americans think we're going in the wrong direction and the Congressional approval rating stands at 22% while the senate approval rating is 6%. (LOL!)

    I believe we are winning this war of words in re: the appropriate size of government. We're even beginning to win the war of words on entitlements. In early 2011, this blog posted in consternation that while Americans were slightly leaning toward wanting to cut spending, on any key spending item, they were 60% or more against cutting.

    A similar study was conducted by Pew last week that showed that for the first time, a majority of Americans now favor cutting Medicare spending, 53% favored cutting military spending (as does this blog…sorry, Dad), and a whopping 65% favored cutting discretionary spending on public works projects.

    And while we're at it…the Tea Party movement…multiple times declared dead in the water, is running over 100 candidates for congress (Senate and House) this election and more than half of them are favored to win.

    So…yeah…America seems to be waking up, if only grudgingly, to the conservative message.

    I just hope that if and when the GOP gets command of the Executive and Legislative branches of government that they live up to their promise and start cutting whatever they can cut…not just spending…regulations, taxes, spending and something there's too much of a supply of in Washington…BS.


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