Bring It, B****es

I’ve been reading the various and sundry articles linked at accumulator-sites like and the Drudge Report the last couple of days as I anxiously await the Supreme Court’s ruling on the constitutionality of ObamaCare.  I’ve come away with several clear themes from the various left-wing and right-wing commentators and from polling agencies like Rasmussen, Ipsos and PPP.

1) Favorability toward ObamaCare

Rasmussen has been tracking public sentiment toward the ACA for the last year now.  Here are the last six monthly reports, when asked whether they wanted the Supreme Court to overturn the Individual Mandate:

January 2012: 38% favor individual mandate / 51% oppose it
February: 35% favor / 52% oppose
March: 28% favor / 59% oppose
April: 28% favor / 66% oppose
May: 27% favor / 70% oppose
June: 21% favor / 74% oppose

When asked about whether they wanted the Supreme to strike down the ACA in its entirety, here are the last six months:

January: 59% favor keeping some of ACA / 32% want it all gone
February: 58% favor keeping some / 36% all gone
March: 55% / 38%
April: 56% / 42%
May: 52% / 47%
June: 45% / 52%

The trend is clear…the GOP is winning the public debate on the ACA and despite the majority of Americans now not being thrilling with the job performance of the Supremes, they seem to think ObamaCare has unconstitutional elements.

Ipsos ran a survey written with the intent of sounding favorable to democrats (the Dems commissioned the survey)…that wording: “Would you rather that the Affordable Care Act remain in place or that no such reform were enacted?”

44% wanted no such reform, 47% wanted the ACA.  In other words, even if yous tack the deck toward the ACA by offering a false dichotomy (you can either have it our way or no way), the people are evenly split.

2) Favorability toward Obama vs. tone of Obama’s Campaign

I’ve been watching the daily tracking polls and have observed that the more negative Obama runs, the uglier his personal favorability ratings get (sliding belwo 50% for the first time in his entire Presidency as we speak)…in fact there are a slew of articles from left wing pundits today and from the weekend decrying the President’s recent trend toward blaming the slow recovery on Bush.  That’s the LEFT saying this is a bad idea.  They correctly realize that, even if you want to make the case that the Bush years damaged the economy in a way that would have been hard to completely escape by now, it’s the president’s RESPONSIBILITY (not fault…responsibility) to put forward a coherent path out of the mess.  Obama’s first path didn’t work AT ALL and he has no other ideas.  So now, when he gets up there and rehashes the blame Bush doctrine, even Progressives are starting to get irritated.  He recently gave a speech in Ohio that flopped like a fish on the dock and the main reason was that he was using soaring rhetoric in one paragraph and then petty, petulent whining and finger-pointing in the next.  You can’t run on hope and change when your administration has provided no real change and Americans don’t feel much hope…let alone when you spend half of your big speeches whining.

3) The Undertone in Washington

I’ve now read three different articles – one at “The Hill” blog, one at Politico and one in the LA Times, suggesting that Obama and a number of Congressional Democrats are preparing to go to war with the Supreme Court in the hopes of energizing their base if the SCOTUS rules against all or part of ObamaCare.  Reports are that some Dems are actually HOPING that the SCOTUS will rule against the ACA so that they can unleash a torrent of scathing rhetoric attacking the court as a political tool of the Republican party…an activist judiciary bent on opposing the will of the people.  Yes…they really are THAT out of touch with the will of the people.

To all of this, I can only say…


In all seriousness…I desperately hope that the Dems’ response to a negative ACA ruling is to attack the Supreme Court for making a rational decision supported by the majority of the American people.  The more negative they play, the worse they do, especially when it demonstrates just how lost in their own echo chamber they’ve really become.  It could lead to an historic reversal of fortunes for their party and signal a sweeping victory for the GOP if the GOP’s response to the Dems’ negativity is simply to point and laugh.

Romney’s ads are pretty good at this…pointing and laughing at the hypocracy and creepiness of Progressives.  Let’s go, SCOTUS…I can’t WAIT for the fireworks.

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