Big Week for Supremes

Today, the Supreme Court issued rulings on some key cases in the Conservative Grist Mill – a split decision regarding Arizona’s controversial (but basically just, IMHO) immigration law and a unanimous ruling against Montana which re-confirmed the right of corporations to finance public election campaigns first codified by Citizen’s United (2010).

On the Arizona law, the Supremes ruled 5-3 against Arizona regarding its right to prosecute individuals or companies for hiring illegal aliens, to execute searches without a warrant if there is reasonable suspicion that a crime may have been committed warranting deportation (on this one I actually agree…sorry Arizona, this is the one part of your law that I think goes too far), and the state’s right to impose fines on aliens working but not carrying valid immigration documents.  It did, however, unanimously (minus the recused Justice Obama…er…Kagan) rule in favor of the state’s right to check the residency status of anyone suspected of being here illegally (the so-called “show your papers” clause), stating that Federal law already requires legal residents to have proof of citizenship if it is requested by law enforcement and that the state law simply makes it easier for police to enforce the existing Federal statues.

In Montana, meanwhile, an attempt by the state to claim that its politics are so corrupted by shady bribes and the like that it should be exempt from Citizen’s United was rejected (though, disturbingly, by party-line 5-4 vote).

Next up…ObamaCae.  A decision is expected Thursday.  We’ll report on it when we have the facts.

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