Northern Virginia SWATting

In case the readers here are unaware of the practice, a trend has emerged among certain members of the radical left, particularly apologists for and members of Islamofascist terror groups and far-left socialists – if they decide that you need to be silenced, they find out who you are, call your local police and claim that you have been spotted murdering someone.  This brings the cops to your house wielding very large guns – sometimes even a SWAT team in riot gear holding M4s and clubs to charge your property.  If they don’t manage to get you killed by police mistakenly believing that you’re wielding deadly weapons, they will certainly make you fear for your life and, they hope, think twice about speaking truth to power in the future.

Well, I think it’s important to pass along this story from my old stomping grounds in Northern Virginia.  A man by the name of Aaron Walker was SWATted by a man who tried to frame him for a crime (and failed). Prince William County police came to his home based on reports that he had just killed his wife, but thankfully, they smelled a hoax and didn’t have their really big guns drawn immediately.  The situation was quickly contained, but this trend should terrify us to our very souls.

Read about it here.  And send him some encouragement if you feel moved to support him.

4 thoughts on “Northern Virginia SWATting

  1. I thought you'd want to get involved given he's local…it's a bit close to home for my comfort…I had images of you being SWAT'ted for responding to some liberal jerk on Facebook.


  2. The internet is funny…if someone finds you offensive and is a pathetic loner with half a brain…weird things can happen. I wasn't THAT worried…but I'd like to contribute to the political discourse and I'd like to do it without having to worry about stupid things like this.


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