Blog BUMP: You Go Bristol Pailn!

Do yourself a favor and check this gem out from Bristol’s blog…

Mind you, I am pretty reserved in my support of Sarah Palin as a political entity…but you really can’t beat this kind of grassroots campaign motto-generating conduit for the voice of the people.

I Built This, Mr. President!

Can you picture it now?  The blanketing of TV ads in October with Obama saying over and over again, “If you have a successful business, you didn’t get there on your own!” and then a handful from these testimonials showing us their thriving businesses and angrily proclaiming, “I Built This, Mr. President!”  Romney doesn’t even need to say much each time…just a little something like “I think small businesses are what drive this economy and propel our American dream.  Obama apparently believes you only deserve help if you are ‘too big to fail.’  We need someone in Washington who’ll get the government out of your way so that your small businesses can feel free to innovate and create jobs.”

This should be a brutal rout…we just need the right messaging at the right moment.

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