Three-Second Thought of the Day

I would just like to propose the following two thoughts – just a little mind game for you all to puzzle over.

Who are the real racists here…the party that believes in a global free economy and thus doesn’t frown on outsourcing jobs where the market dictates?  Or the party that talks about Bain Capital’s record of outsourcing in this breathless shock and horror – those damn dirty brown and yellow people got our jobs! (please note – in case anyone wishes to call me a racist for using such phrases ironically…THIS IS CALLED SARCASM!)

Leftist populism would seem to have quite the strain of xenophobia and racism in it to me.

But what do I know?  I’m a racist by definition since I am conservative.

BTW…a second related thought…

Leftists always say things like “It’s a global market – acquiring new oil won’t help our economy for decades because it just goes to the global market!”  Yet these same people react as though we see no benefit at all when we send jobs overseas.  It doesn’t…oh…I don’t know…REDUCE THE COST OF THE STUFF WE BUY…or…KEEP AMERICAN-BORN COMPANIES HEALTHY AND HIRING HERE AT HOME TOO!…nope…because when it suits them to whip up racially-motivated nationalistic fear and paranoia about our jobs going overseas because heartlesss republicans want to let businesses get away with outsourcing…they’ll do that.  But when it serves them to argue that it’s a global community/global economy and we should be doing our part to improve the global economy (which outsourcing by definition does…LOL)…they’ll say that too,

Freedom…or no freedom.  You make the call.

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