Romney/RYAN! 2012

Well… for all the complaining and concern on the far-right about Romney being bland, generic and moderate in the same way that John McCain was in 2008, he’s been running a very professional, very efficient campaign. Still, we were all a tad worried about the lack of an answer to Obama’s charges that Romney was a mystery candidate whose views depend on the people (a silly charge, since Obama is that very candidate). Conservatives want a leader who will offer America a real choice… and today’s official announcement that the VP selection is Paul Ryan guarantees that we will get that choice. This is no John McCain selection. Romney has chosen a man who is the nation’s leading voice for cut/cap/balance legislation, for healthcare reform centered on the patient, for rational, pragmatic government planning, and for a stronger foreign policy as well.

Romney/Ryan 2012 has officially begun. Let the left try to break the newcomer. They won’t succeed.

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