Know Thy Enemy

I’m still buzzing from what I believe to have been a truly sensational Republican National Convention.  No, it wasn’t all perfect, but the planners did a phenomenal job (a) staying on message (b) blasting the President without spending all of their energy being negative (c) introducing Mitt Romney and giving us a detailed biography of the man and (d) presenting the prominent leaders of Conservatism speaking in one clear voice- never clearer than when uttered by Mitt Romney himself.  Mitt is a lot of things, but a vampire or a robot he is not.  Nor is particularly thrilling.  I get that too…he’s not the sensationally masterful speech-giver than Reagan was, nor does have have the magnetism and charm of Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio.  What he does have is the look and sound of uber-competence and the street cred of an American President.  Do you love the guy?  Maybe you don’t think of him as someone you could connect with personally, but at least you can be assured that he does have passion and he does care for all of the people in his life – and that would include all of us if he were elected.  That is what he had to accomplish – he had to appear presidential and he had to be reassuring and basically solid – like your construction-working grandfather or the Priest in your church in a time of Crisis or FDR over the radio in his fireside chats.  I think he was able to get across that he loved his fellow men, that he was a diligent, competent, hard-working man of principle, and that he could get things done in Washington.  He sold me, and anyone reading this blog knows that I was a tough sell all through the primaries.

I won’t give a blow-by-blow of convention events – our blogroll is exploding with good commentary on the RNC – all of it better than anything I can say.  Instead…I’m going to reduce my thoughts to a bit of common sense.  Liberals, conservatives, moderates of limited or mixed convictions – they all coexist in America – not often easily, but always peacefully.  Politically motivated violence is astonishingly rare here.  The reason should be obvious – we can coexist because we all have an equal right to speak…we share the bullhorn, and the guns don’t point at the side opposed to the commander in chief.  It gives us all purpose – we know that we can make a difference here if we work hard enough, care deeply enough, and hone talents that can make our voices heard by a big enough audience.  Even now – for all the talk of how the flow of money corrupts the ability of politicians to speak freely in a fair and equal exchange of ideas, hopes and dreams – the farthest left progressive and the farthest right tea-partier still has hope that their cause can be advanced and that they can change the country for the better.  That principle – the freedom to speak and to be heard, the freedom to believe and to live your beliefs, the freedom to build a life and to keep that life without interference – must still be alive if the debate is this energized and the candidates this sharp in the delivery of their talking points and the elections this contentious.  Neither side would fight this hard and expend this much capital and sweat and tears on advancing their causes if the battle of the free could not be joined.

So let me ask you folks this?  Is that fight still important to us?  I think it is.  So do all of you, no matter your party affiliation.  If something is important to you, you fight to defend it or you shy away and relinquish your desire to fight, knowing that such an action is a risk to that thing you hold precious.  Americans by the millions have died because the basic principles of America were worth literally fighting and dying to defend in the minds of courageous soldiers in engagements major and minor throughout our history.  So let me ask you…if you care about the freedom to join in the political squabbles of our time…who are the voices within our borders who are asking that those freedoms be curtailed?  Who are the ones saying that certain forms of speech must be prohibited in the name of “fairness?”  Such limitations on free speech and free practice of faith include:

  • Speech codes and regulations on political activities on college campuses
  • The abolition of any symbols or expressions of faith on public grounds
  • The creation of “hate crime” legislation, designed to punish offenders differently if their motivations for committing a crime are ones we find distasteful
  • The banning of businesses from towns and colleges whose owners and charitable foundations author political speech with which said towns disagree
  • The censoring of journalism, imagery and inconvenient facts about a certain group of religious fundamentalists who – I believe it is still legal to point out – killed 3,000 US Citizens in an unprovoked and brutal attack on a clear September morning 11 years ago
  • The attempted quashing of open debate regarding the nature and severity of man’s impact on global climate and other large-scale environmental causes
  • The rewriting of Presidential histories, childhood text books and Hollywood movies in the name of sensitivity and multiculturalism
  • The attempted outlawing of political speech by third party corporations and political action committees (thankfully struck down by the Supreme Court)
  • The passage of campaign finance laws that make it illegal for candidates to speak for themselves within six weeks of an election without the help of a major news outlet
  • The denial and cover-up of rampant one-sided media reporting in an attempt to control the narrative during key political debates
Who are those people who do things like this?  They are your enemies, America!  You want to speak freely – even if you’re a liberal and happen to agree with those people perpetrating and end to truly free speech in America, I have only this to say to you – when they came for the devoutly religious, it wasn’t me and I said nothing…when they came for the bigots and the hateful remnants of bygone eras, I was grateful not to hear their horrible speech and I said nothing, when they came for those who dared disagree with a black President and declared them racist, I supported the President and did not notice…and then it was left to me and there was no one to come to my aid when I, too, found that I could not agree with the official ‘truth.’  The moment that first step is taken to curtail our liberty and our freedom to speak and to believe and to live as we choose, it becomes a link in a chain that binds us all.  Do you want to be free or not?  If you can’t stand to hear someone who believes differently than you, then you are my enemy, because I am an American.
Freedom is never free – and the first step in defending that thing we all hold most dear…our freedom…is knowing your enemy.  Democrats are preparing their convention in Charlotte next week, and they are going to focus heavily on the role of women in society and our choice about their rights.  That is a discussion I relish as an American who believes deeply that all people are created equally and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.  I want women to be free and prosperous, but let me ask you once again.  Who is your enemy in this fight?  Is it the person who believes in the sanctity of life – including the lives of the unborn?  Or is it, perhaps one of these groups:
  • The group of active feminists who routinely denigrate and disrespect housewives, declaring that they never worked a day in their lives and have nothing to contribute regarding gender relations
  • The group of radical Islamists who will be attending the DNC in droves (20,000 strong!) in support of Obama with informative lectures about the need for Sharia law (you know, the doctrine that gives men the right to murder their wives if they commit adultery and treats women as property to be hidden from view and enjoyed as slaves by men of privilege) and the excesses of modern Christianity (you know…the faith that preaches respect for mothers, daughters and wives and protects women from being treated as property)
  • The group that convenes in the Oval Office each week to discuss their next steps in the fight to stop mothers from having a choice in where their children go to school
  • Or perhaps the group that came up with the brilliant lie that abortion, sex without commitment, lipstick feminism and single motherhood were liberating for women without any regard for the ever-increasing rate of female poverty, emotional wreckage and unhappiness (both in relationships and in the bedroom) experienced by today’s ‘liberated’ woman
Know your enemy, ladies!  Are you really, as a gender, happier now than you were before Roe vs. Wade and birth control?  Is your sex life thriving without the spiritual bond of marriage and the support of a loving family?  Or…let’s talk about abroad.  Who is threatening US interests?  Obama is cold and distant with Poland after turning his back on our commitments to missile defense, he ignores Great Britain and turns a blind eye to rebels fighting and dying in the streets of Tehran for their freedom…all while cozying up to Vladimir Putin and to China and to Ahmadinejad.  So who can we count on and who should we fear?  Know your enemies abroad, America!  They’re entrenched in the Middle East and in Cuba and China and Russia – the ones who back big-state downward control and centralized authority – not democratic and free nations like Poland, Israel and Great Britain.
Say you’re worried about the long term safety of our natural resources and health of the planet.  Listen up, environmentalists!  Which nation, the world over, has done the most to protect planetary resources?  I’m sure this will shock you, but the United States, with all of its’ resources, is the primary source of funding for the International Panel on Climate Change.  The US brings the cheddar and the clout to make the international protocol on sulfur dioxide and other aerosols possible.  The US has done more to clean up the oceans, protect fishery stocks, train the world in how to plant forests to make lumber sustainable, make our global fresh water supply cleaner, advance the cause of defending endangered species, and champion the idea of national parks than any other nation on the planet.  Do you know why?  Because we CAN!  Our economy is so robust that we have the power to spend some dough working on problems OTHER than feeding and clothing ourselves, building infrastructure and funding our national defenses.  It turns out that the very capitalism reviled by most environmentalists is what makes their work even remotely possible.
That’s what I tell my fiance when she talks about the GOP’s supposedly bad record on the environment.  The GOP is trying to keep America a shining city on a hill.  We MUST do that or the human race will fall into chaos and despair and poverty, and there will be no will left in men to save the planet from our industry.  Don’t believe me?  Let me ask you this: how good is Russia for the environment now that Communism has failed?  How helpful are African farmers and ranchers chiseling away at the rain forests to survive?  No!  We save the rain forest and fight pollution and clean the water and the air, and we protect all of God’s creatures because we have the financial wherewithall to do it.  And all because our economy empowers us to think about something OTHER than eating and having a roof over our heads.  Just take a look at the photos of villages in any third world country – garbage…everywhere, homes falling apart, human waste mixing with drinking water, and what industry does exist left to inefficient, wasteful, and downright dangerous practices in the absence of knowledge and financial resources needed to do better.  That’s what awaits you if you abandon American capitalism in your fight to save the environment.
The bottom line – we need to be clear who the enemies really are.  The democrats have lost sight of some of the most obvious and tangible truths regarding what makes this country thrive.  Radical Islam is the enemy – not democratic and inclusive Israel.  Russia and Putin are the enemies, not freedom-loving Poles.  The enemy of women isn’t Todd Akin, for all of his ignorance about female anatomy.  The enemy of women is the Mullah who would have their entire gender broken and beaten at the feet of men and then burned alive when they dared think for themselves.  The enemy of the planet is CHINA and its’ aggressive destruction of the environment…not the US and its’ desperate attempts to save it.  The enemy of peace is Communism, totalitarianism, and big state governance, not America.  And the enemy of the American economy is regulation and non-competitive taxation, not the supposed 1%.  Mitt Romney seems to have a clear sense for who threatens America – the entire line-up at the RNC shared this clarity of cause – the same could not be said for the 2008 RNC or even the 2004 RNC.  I think we’re in good hands.

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