TV Ratings Mean Nothing

Just a quick note to moron liberals and Conservatives who still think Sarah Palin is a goddess.

The 2012 RNC got lower ratings on the six major news networks this week than it did in 2008 by 25-35% depending on which data source you believe.  There are, in fact, three reasons for this, and none of them has anything to do with public opinion about the GOP or about the star-quality of the convention.

The ratings were down because:

1) Those ratings never count off-brand networks like CSPAN (which, thankfully, cover the entire convention WITHOUT having to listen to annoying talking heads applying their spin to it).

2) The GOP debuted an internet launch of the convention called the “RNC Without Walls” which encouraged members to follow the festivities via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – on their mobile devices, through exclusive PodCasts, and via alternative media sources the world over.  Does anyone really watch TV anymore for their political fix?  Well, certainly no one under the age of…oh…40.  In fact, the RNC YouTube channel had upwards of 35 MILLION hits on its’ videos from this year’s convention BEFORE Thursday’s big ticket items (Romney, Rubio, Romney’s congregation and former business associates) – likely, some 10 million people saw the convention speeches on YouTube alone.  That’s not counting the cross-linking and viewership of the key speeches on Twitter and Facebook.

3) The nation’s morale is at an all-time low in the post-Depression era.  We haven’t been this dispirited about our politics since 1929.  The DNC will have similarly soft viewership.  And none of that has anything to do with Ryan being less interesting than Palin (POPPYCOCK!) or the RNC not putting on a good show.

Some of the comments about ratings just blow my mind.  *sigh*


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