Left’s Latest Attack – Our Ideas are Old

Here’s another banal truism that the left is trotting out, alongside the obvious fact that no business today succeeds without infrastructure.  Hey, get this – conservative ideas are OLD!

Um…no sh*t, Sherlock!

Conservatism – as the name implies – dates back to the time of the American founding and seeks to elevate those brilliant ideas which, for for 200 years have made this the happiest and most productive piece of land on the face of the Earth.  The literary heritage underpinning modern American Conservatism goes back 400 years or more, but…aren’t you leftists always talking about the need to preserve antiquities and lauding the protection of landmarks?  You, on some level at least, recognize that what has gone before can still have value.  But the fact is that Conservatives look back through history for evidence of which ideas work well, while you prefer only to dream about the future because a modest glimpse of those history books (the ones you didn’t sanitize to protect children from the truth) reveals that your ideas have failed at every turn and that those failures have resulted in a spectacular string of human misery and death.

Oh yes…our ideas are old.  Your ideas are, in some sense, OLDER.  The age of the idea does not matter.  What matters is the results.  What is now called conservatism produced an unbridled and unending string of economic growth and prosperity here in these United States until you came along to explode the size of government and climb on the backs of wealth creators in a desperate attempt to slow them down and bring them to your level.  At which point, our successes stopped.

But that’s neither here nor there…at least…it’s not in Charlotte, NC, where Democrats go on pretending that NO IDEA is better than an old idea that worked before.

With middle finger proudly extended…I now return you to your brainless idolatry.


(repeat with fingers in your ears as loud as you can – because the truth is loud and you don’t want to be exposed to it)


One thought on “Left’s Latest Attack – Our Ideas are Old

  1. There are no new ideas in politics. Period. End of story. The ideologies that we Americans identify as “right-wing” and “left-wing” date back to at least the 18th century (and I've seen some authors argue that the divide goes back even further than that). The thing is, while we conservatives are wholly aware of our intellectual progenitors, left-liberals – for the most part – are not. We conservatives know when we're stealing from Edmund Burke; liberals, on the other hand, don't know when they're echoing Croly.

    And by the way: Now that I'm done with Dragon Con and have switched back to the much preferred evening schedule at work, I plan on being a lot more active on these blogs. 😉


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