One More Reason to Unseat Obama: the Middle East

The following video was posted way back in 2009, but I believe it’s still profoundly relevant:

In Which Bill Whittle Discusses Game Theory’s Foreign Policy Implications

Attacking our embassies is, in point of fact, invading American territory. It is an act of war; as such, we are within our rights to retaliate. Indeed, we should retaliate; to do otherwise is to encourage the violent psychos who are pulling the Muslim world into the gutter. (Just FYI, I respect the Islam of Avicenna and his intellectual descendants. I don’t respect homophobic, misogynistic thugs.) I’m not necessarily saying we should turn the entire Middle East into a radioactive glass factory. I’m not even saying we should invade. I do think, however, that our response should be swift and muscular.

Of course, because Obama and his lick-spittle media supporters are disgusting cowards, what we’re seeing instead is more groveling. Despite the experts’ insistence that the embassy attacks were premeditated “celebrations” of the 9/11 anniversary, the left has decided to scapegoat the creator of a dumb YouTube video attacking Muhammad. Look: For obvious reasons, I’m not a big fan of gratuitously attacking a religion from a position of ignorance. Militant atheists do it to us Christians often enough, so I know it’s not fun to be misrepresented and maligned. Still, even if we were to stipulate that “The Innocence of Muslims” is bigoted clap-trap, and even if we were to stipulate – ridiculously – that the video is what “inflamed” protestors in the Middle East, that still does not excuse cold blooded murder. Why is this so hard for leftists to understand?

It is absolutely outrageous that we are talking about anything other than the fact that the Obama administration failed – and failed spectacularly – to protect our diplomats. Why weren’t those protestors shot on sight the moment they breached our defenses? Why weren’t our embassy defenses enhanced in response to intelligence that apparently suggested days in advance that the attacks were coming? If our fourth estate were not the devoted propaganda wing of the Obama campaign, it’d be looking for answers to these important questions.

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